What demands do you make of an informal care garden home?

We are all getting older. At a given moment we can become less mobile and it becomes useful to find a bedroom and a bathroom on one level. As a caregiver, you want your relative to be able to enjoy his or her old age in a safe and comfortable environment. A number of important choices have to be made for this.

Putting together your informal care garden home
When composing a care home (care unit) for your relative, a number of important choices will have to be made. One of these important choices is the place of destination for the informal care home. Usually the informal care home is in the garden of the caregiver (s). If this is the case, the size of the informal care home becomes an important choice. This choice depends on the area that you want to make available for the informal care garden home. Together with the experienced architectural designers of XHC you will be helped to make this choice.
In addition, attention must be paid to the situation of the person in need of care. For example, the degree of mobility. Is the person who needs care in a wheelchair? Then the informal care home must be adjusted accordingly. If the care recipient is still very mobile, no adjustments are required in this area. If this is the case, it might be interesting to consider the purchase of a life-course permanent home.

Laws and regulations
In collaboration with the province of Gelderland, XHC has looked extensively at the regulations and has designed a care unit. Nevertheless, the regulations for a care home can differ per municipality. The informal care home must meet the requirements of the WMO counter in your municipality. You can find rules about this at mezzo.nl. Here you can read, among other things, when your home is a home care home and everything has to comply with it.

Differences in informal care home
Of course XHC, as a chalet builder from origin, is able to tailor a care home. XHC has designed different models with different dimensions and specifications. A number of models have been designed to serve as an informal care garden home in the garden. There are also a number of models that XHC has designed to serve as a care unit. The models can be fully attuned to the wishes of the customer to make it as comfortable as possible for the caregiver and for the person in need of care.